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Abandoned Places - Decatur Wanderings, Part 2

Out of the images pulled from the old drive, I also have photos from a second site we visited on that cold February afternoon - a former filling station. It wasn't much. The neighborhood was sketchy which probably contributed to the demise of this former Raceway gas station (petrol station). With the cold, the locals didn't choose to come see what I was doing, so a few photos were had.

Abandoned 052FCa
We're sorry but this number is no longer in service...

Abandoned 055FCa
It really wasn't much to see

Abandoned 056FCa
Even the pumps had been removed

Abandoned 057FCa

Abandoned 059FCa
Through the dusty windows, with the help of editing

Abandoned 061FCa
Glancing into the one accessible bathroom we found where the store valuables were kept - sorta...

Abandoned 062FCa
Circling the building, I noticed an open door

Abandoned 065FCa
So I grabbed a quick shot inside before heading back to the truck

Abandoned 067FCa
I'd already started attracting unwanted attention and decided to grab one last pic before calling it a day. Alabama is relatively safe compared to places I've been, but I got the feeling that this wasn't the place to test my luck.

Tags: abandoned places, commercial, photography, se usa

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