JJ_MacCrimmon (jj_maccrimmon) wrote,

A Short Note

This week has been a major roller coaster ride. Changes at work, changes in photo stuff, changes in events and changes on the home front. Some I can talk about and some I still have to keep to myself for just a little while longer.

At work.. My day job isn't photography as some of you know. I'm an engineer by trade. My employer now has me coordinating accident and corrective action investigations. Cool work when the management actually knows what the Hell you're supposed to be doing. I'm having to teach my customers AND management what the job entails. IT might be easier if my previous organization manager hadn't retired and left an acting manager who now knows he won't be getting the job. Sigh.. It's a challenge.

Photo wise, I'm about to start shooting a lot more. I have been shooting with a Sony A65 DSLR for the past few years. Great camera but is limited in certain circumstances (low light and motion challenge me to no end). That said, I've learned some good tricks to get some incredible show photos. Most of these are going up on my Facebook but that's also about to change. Anyhow, I found a great deal thru a friend in town on a Sony A7 ii. This is Sony's premiere full frame, professional quality camera. The up side, it's all the good things my 3 previous camera's were/are. The down side, I have to get all new glass for the camera. I got one starter lens, but what I want/need is another 28-200mm zoom built for the camera and that runs $1200. More on this predicament later, but the "kit" lens (24-70mm) is better than I could have ever believed possible.

Event wise, not SCA, I'm running two local get-togethers in Huntsville. One is a photo event for models and photogs. The idea is to provide a safe space for folks on both sides of the camera to meet, network and potentially shoot. The venue is a former school converted into a local craft microbrewery. The other show indulgences my showman and kink side. We run a variety show at another microbrewery. We bring in a live act, a DJ and our own 'side-show' act. We do live shibari and rope suspensions with models and with volunteers. The event and our skills have other promoters contacting us to 'perform.'

The home front changes are pretty major and I have to wait one more week before I'm willing to say more. I will note that, all is good.

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