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Orbits of a deluded mind

Funny and stupid are only separated by a hair's breadth of happenstance

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Welcome to art and personal musings of “JJ MacCrimmon” – photographer, explorer and rogue. This is where I post my thoughts personal bits of mayhem and photographic highlights. My photography tastes are as eclectic as my personality and photograph what strikes me as beautiful.

While his is my site for my art and personal musings; it is not a commercial site.

Contact me via e-mail to arrange any shooting requests. The address is:
I can be hired for and am available for shoots. I also can sell prints of most images here.

My areas of interest and experience include:
Nature & wildlife;

* I published a "nature photo of the day" each weekday for three years

Abandoned Places and Lost Locale’s;
* I self-publish photos from abandoned site expeditions here and in various LJ Communities. I'm also available to speak or present info on Urban Exploration and Abandoned Site photography. If you have suggestions, ideas for sites to photograph please post a comment to one of my current posts. We can work out details, schedules or ideas off-line.

Concerts and Events;
* I've photographed over 200 shows and artists providing providing high quality and high energy shots that have been used for promotional flyers, CD cover art and web related applications. I enjoy working with emerging bands and performers.

Models, Portraiture and Personal Photography
* I am a published model photographer. At present, I'm only doing limited TFP photo sessions. Ask! Photo sessions rates are reasonable.

As a policy, I prefer not working with under-age subjects (18+, sorry). I prefer not to, based on liability; my requirement they have an escort and personal experience. These are difficult shoots due to logistics and the greater measure of care that must be exercise to protect the subject and the photographer. As such, I will consider shoots on a case by case basis.

My Photos have been a Live Journal Pick of the Week and as a Yahoo Pick. I've had images published directly or indirectly in or with:
Beats Antique (band) - multiple shows
Lindsey Stirling (band) - show
Product Photography - Various Companies
Special Event Photography for charity groups including AshaKiran
Articles and photos for:
Kink Weekly
Dungeon Delights

In past:
Cover art for the Radioactive Chicken Heads (band),
Promotional art for Red Light District (band),
Lost Destinations.com,
Los Angeles City Council President's Office,
and on multiple other web sites.

Please note, ALL photographs taken by myself (or my children) when posted here are considered protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America. Permission for reuse (personal, charitable, or commercial) must be obtained from the photographer (and/or model where applicable).

Changes to MY journal (updated 8 Jan 16)

Friending Policy
Feel free to friend me if you like, though I'd ask you to send a brief introduction comment or message. Don't get upset if I don't friend you back in return (immediately or ever). All of my photography appears on the public side of this journal. Family and private matters stay as "friends-only" posts. As I get to know 'you' either in person or in commentary, I may add you. Don't be surprised though if I should drop an occasional comment into your journal in the mean time.

1. This is my personal journal and with the exception of photo highlights, it will contain my thoughts and personal opinions. Given that, some posts are primarily friends-only. Photos, photo essays and related materials will be posted on a public basis. Please consider content appropriately.

2. From now on, I have disabled anonymous posting. If you (the collective you) wish to write something in it fine, but have the personal honor and chivalry to identify yourself. If “you” write something that flames someone else explaining their viewpoint they damn sure have the right to defend themselves. If you don’t give them that courtesy then I am obliged to do so.

3. I reserve the right to delete comments that are inappropriate or cause heartburn. I hate, detest and abhor editing or cutting out comments, but I can’t condone some of the flaming and drama that cropped up here even after I said I hated drama. I refuse to go to "Friends Only" posts because I know full well that there’s a substantial number of readers out there who read my LJ, but aren’t on my friends list for various reasons.

4. Be civil when commenting!

5. Effective 1 May 07, All other comments just went to screened status. This is due to inappropriate suggestions and threatening comments.


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Of the Me:
I'm a parent, rogue, internationally published photographer, show promoter and occasionally performer from time to time. Amazingly my friends and family manage to put up with me most of the time. The shows and shoots provide me more than enough drama. Keep your drama to your own llamas.

I’m originally from the Midwest. I grew up with a love of horses, basketball, green rolling hills and thunderstorms. I also grew up with a dislike for hicks/rednecks, intolerance, keeping the status quo and humidity. I think, that’s why I lived out west for over 15+ years before accepting work in Huntsville, AL.

Photography wise, I am now using a Sony Alpha A65 & A350 D-SLR. I love getting pictures of abandoned sites and unique places. I’ve also been known to go out of my way to photograph reportedly haunted places such as the RMS Queen Mary in Long Beach.

That's about as much as my brain can muster right now, but I'll fill in more blanks later.
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